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Flux Caves

Published & copyrighted by Fubenalvo

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Your spaceship has crashed on a foreign planet...and there are many challenges and surprises to overcome!
Fix the energy pipes so that enough fuel can reach your spare spaceship, and you'll be able to fly away.

The goal of Flux Caves is for the player to have a peace of mind at the end of a hard day. In this game, there is no losing or dying; here, you can discover peaceful caves and open-world puzzles, all while listening to soothing music and working your brain muscles.

Game runtime is 180-240 minutes.

The game made by a single developer

The game was made by one developer, Zsolt Várady alias fubenalvo, who developed Flux Caves in his free time. So the result is not perfect, but there's are no known blocker bugs. I hope you will enjoy it! ;)

Music credits

Taylor Shacher (Luster)
Title: My Love (piano loop)

Constantin Groß - Connum
Title: Melancholic interpretation in G#

Balázs Várady - Arryus
Title: Untitled

Maxim Tsukanov - x3nus
Title: Pianomotive (piano only)

Alexander Skeppstedt
Title: Space (orchestral)


Flux Caves Flux Caves
Flux Caves
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